postheadericon Who is the Best Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon For Me?

The economy, the environment and the demographics in the Fort Lauderdale area all have contributed to a substantial professional community of plastic surgeons. Many specialize in cosmetic surgery because Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood provide many of the commercial services for the nearby beach areas and retirement communities where maintaining or recapturing a youthful look is important plastic surgeon michigan. If you are looking for a cosmetic plastic surgeon to help you with a body enhancement procedure, you need to understand the aesthetic surgery and treatment market in general in order to make an informed choice. Here are six suggestions that should set you on the right path.

1. Do this for yourself. On the surface that doesn’t say much about how to select a plastic surgeon. However you’ll be better attuned to the process if you can be specific about what you want to achieve. You need to be able to say “I want this breast lift because…” rather than “My husband thinks my breasts need to be…” It’s your body and your choice.
2. Consult your primary care physician. Cosmetic plastic surgery seemingly lives on the fringe of our medical infrastructure because so much of it is done in the surgeon’s office or clinic. Your plastic surgeon needs to meet the baseline requirements of general medical practice personnel and facilities. The plastic surgery clinic should be accredited and the cosmetic surgeon should be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.
3. Consulting fees should be a clue for you. If a cosmetic surgeon has a consulting fee, it should at a minimum be applicable to any surgery you may elect to have done. Consulting fees in general are an unseemly revenue stream for a practicing physician, who can do four or five consultations a day and do well financially even though he’s been rejected by every potential patient.
4. The general notion of “informed consent” is also an important part of the process. Your cosmetic surgeon needs to make each step clear to you, including the intended results, the recovery time and the possibilities for problems. Don’t be rushed into a surgical agreement.
5. Take your time. Trust in a cosmetic surgeon is paramount for a successful cosmetic surgery procedure and recovery. The recovery process for a breast augmentation, for example, starts out quickly as the swelling subsides and then slows to a much more deliberate place as the changes that have been made heal, the implant settles and becomes a natural part of you. It’s critical that you believe your cosmetic surgeon on details of this sort and that you’re not second-guessing the results.

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